Our Process

We have a clear an precise process that gives you exactly what you require.

We’d like you to understand how we deliver on your business. We have outlined a typical project process in the stages below. Not every process is the same but following a structure and a plan will give you exactly what you require and need.

Our Process

Cost Estimating: You tell us a budget; we tell you what you can have for your budget. As simple as that. We will never change the cost unless you want change the brief. We’re very transparent in our estimating, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Project set-up: Once the cost estimating has been agreed we will then provide a contract with the Terms and Conditions, once signed an sealed we will then pass on the details to our project management system and then start producing your lovely project. Time, billings and invoicing are all managed through the one system to ensure efficiency in tracking and reporting.


Strategy Planning: This is a key thinking process, as we will start planning a strategy for your business. We are always thinking to make your project better and to be as efficient as possible.

Marketing Planning: We look at the current digital world and plan a marketing strategy based on your current industry. The world is always coming up with new innovations and we make sure you are up to date with it.

Critical Path: We keep key dates in our diaries and we double check the dates with you to ensure we are well on our way to launch your project on your required date.


Creative Ideas: This is the fun part, the designers will put together concepts for you to decide. You will have the opportunity to pick out your favourite concept to be built.


Developer Build: This is where the web geeks take over an bring your project to life. They will provide you with a test link so you can check out your website before anyone else and make sure it is what you expected and wanted. Once approved they will go ahead an put your website live for the world to see.


Measuring your success: After putting your website live and celebrating a job well done, we will continue to measure how well your website is doing. We will use our analytics and other tracking tools to put together a report and suggest to you ideas that can improve your business. We will provide you with reports on what is being searched the most or what is being looked at the most which will provide you insight to what your customers are looking for.